Science Week in Senior Infants

November 17, 2023

We had a very exciting Science Week in Senior Infants.

Firstly, learning about magnets. We tested things in our class to see if the magnet would stick including, doors, scissors and taps. We also learnt that magnets don’t just attract but also repel. We played some games using our magnets; like driving a car down a road by repelling it, guiding a paperclip through a maze and fishing with magnets.

We also did a rainbow milk experiment. Using milk and food dye we created some lovely patterns. Then using cotton bud dipped in fairy liquid we saw that the soap joined up with the fat in the milk pushing the colours out of the way again.

While tidying up we put the used milk into a bucket and did a quick experiment on gravity and force. We saw that by spinning the bucket at a high enough speed then it would stay inside the bucket even while upside down. Good thing for Mr. Philpott.

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