The school uniform is worn on all school days unless parents are notified of a change. The following is the uniform for S.N. Chóbh Chionn tSáile:

  • Plain Navy Shell Track Suit Pants (no stripes etc.);
  • White Polo Shirt with or without the school crest;
  • Royal Blue Sweat Shirt with School Crest;
  • Jacket with School Crest

For those who want a more traditional uniform, the following are also acceptable:

  • Navy Pinafore (Girls) – Navy Tights/White Socks;
  • Navy Trousers (Boys);
  • White Polo Shirt with or without School Crest.

During the summer plain navy shorts may be worn. All items of school uniform must be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

It would be appreciated if all Junior Infants could wear shoes with Velcro straps.

Dress Code for S.N. Chóbh Chionn tSáile
The Board of Management endeavours to maintain the highest of standards in matters of dress code and personal appearance for all pupils in the school.

Accordingly, the Board stipulates that parents must ensure that pupils comply with these standards in matters of general appearance, dress, hairstyles and jewellery at all times during the school term.

  • Jewellery e.g. neck-chains, long earrings etc., are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Hair must be kept out of eyes and long hair must be tied back.
  • Questionable hairstyles, including artificial hair colour, are not allowed.
  • For boys – collar length or shorter haircuts are considered acceptable.
  • The designated school uniform must be worn by pupils during the school day.

The Principal, with the permission and full authorisation of the Board, reserves the right to fully implement this code without exception.

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