Maths Week was celebrated across all classes in SN Chóbh from October 18th to 22nd. The children loved setting their books to one side and exploring Maths in their environment by playing, building estimating, capturing photos and much much more. Here is just a flavour of the Mathematical Magic experienced by our children.

Naíonáin Bheaga

Naí Bheaga explored the concepts of BIG, small, TALL and short this week. They carried this theme into their construction play. They also enjoyed Caroline Ainslie’s ‘BIG SMALL’ episode on Mathsweek TV.

Naíonáin Mhóra

Naí Mhóra also enjoyed Maths Week TV’s Big Small show. Mrs. Healy discovered a few Card Sharks as they celebrated Maths Week by playing new card games.

The children also explored and constructed 2D and 3D shapes. Some impressive creations here!

Rang a hAon

Mr O’ Halloran’s Class had another marvelous week. They really enjoyed Caroline Ainslee’s Maths Weeek TV show about 2D and 3D shapes. They also listened to a read aloud story entitled ‘The Doorbell Rang’, which explores the concept of Division.

Next they learned about estimation, guessing how many classrooms were in our school, how many windows were in the whole school, and how long it takes to run from one end of the the yard to the other.

Finally Rang a hAon focused on pattern, creating their own individual patterns on paper.

Rang a Dó

Mrs. Brunicardi’s Class fully embraced Maths Week 2021 by completing a fun Maths Trail around the school. The dry autumnal weather was perfect for exploring number, shape, lines and angles, colour, pattern and symmetry in our immediate environs.

Next they developed smart adding through ten strategies and playing Beat The Tiger Bingo with Place Value. Rang a Dó certainly believe that Maths Rocks!

Rang a Trí

Ms O’ Flynn/MsFitzgerald’s Class was delighted to take a breather from Subtraction and enjoyed a challenging Maths Trail in Summercove’s stunning sunshine.

They also played Maths Board Games and completed Maths challenges on the ipads.

Rang a Ceathair

Ms. Hallissey’s Class counted, bagged and lodged the proceeds from their GOAL jersey day. They availed of the beautiful weather and walked along the Scilly Walk to the bank in town.

Rang a Cúig

Ms. de Bháill’s Class took Maths Week to another level. They explored lines and angles ouside, identifying different types of angles in real life.

Then they explored time, investigating how long a minute really is. They completed activities in pods and the team with the most accurate time won.

Next Rang a Cúig learned how to play ‘Sevens’. Ms. de Bháill discovered a few strategic Card Sharks in her midst!


Finally, Rang a Cúig reflected on their Maths Week experience by putting pen-to-paper and recording their thoughts and learning.

Rang a Sé

Ms. Roberts’ Class was very enthusiastic about Maths Week 2021. Though they did not leave the books behind them completely, they engaged in lots of fun activities that extended and consolidated their grasp of Maths concepts.

Firstly they took part in an online webinar called Maths Rocks. The children and their teacher were very impressed with the number tricks on show. They even sacrificed a portion of their breaktime to complete a challenge.

Then Rang a Sé played card games, including some of the golden oldies ‘Sevens’, ‘Go Fish’ and ‘Snap’. Some took to construction with cards. Not easy with our ventilation priority at present!

Next Ms. Roberts’ Class played some Mathematical Board  including Rummikub and Uno.

Two pods got to explore shape and fractions, decimals and percentages using Izak 9 cubes. The other pods are looking forward to getting their chance after Midterm Break.

The whole class took part in Franz Schumann’s Mega Maths Quiz on Friday. There were some tricky problems but with a bit of determined group work they solved each one. These questions gave rise to rich mathematical discussion and the odd numerical argument!

As a treat for all classes a magician Tony Baloney came to our outdoor classroom. He had everybody mystified by his tricks.

Finally, Rang a Sé took time out to record their favourite parts of Maths Week 2021. Here are some of their thoughts.

It’s  a wrap for Maths Week 2021!  Stay tuned for Science Week in November!