News and work from Naíonáin Bheaga:

Naíonáin Bheaga are really looking forward to their midterm break after our busy few weeks since our Christmas holidays. We were very lucky to have Tara’s mum Carmel visit us to do some exciting science experiments. We learned all about ooblec and non newtonian fluids. We also conducted a very cool experiment using mentos and coke. We dropped the mentos into the coke and waiting for the big eruption in our school yard! We loved it!! :)

During our AISTEAR time we have been learning all about Houses and Homes, the Construction Site and even the Farm Shop. We built some big houses, had some materials delivered from the materials company and even have been selling fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs in our Farm Shop. We explored what materials float and sink when put into water and had great fun playing with some boats!!

We are have bee continuing our Yoga with Lara and have learned some new Yoga poses such as downward dog. It really helps us to relax!

Our reading has progressed a lot these past few weeks also. We have begun our tricky words, which can be VERY tricky, but with lots of practise we will be fantastic!

Naíonáin Bheaga have been very busy the past few weeks. We were so happy to take part in our Christmas show ‘Prickly Hay’- we even dressed up as cows, horses and stable hands. We really enjoyed singing our songs and dancing on stage. In our classroom we learned lots about hospitals and the work doctors and nurses do every day. Jamie’s mum Annemarie paid us a special visit to teach us all about the great work she does in hospital. She taught us about the organs in our body and a very special cell called leukocyte in our blood, which helps us to fight nasty infections. We got to fill some jars full of giggles to cheer some children in hospital up- we hope they enjoyed them as much as we did!! Naíonáin Bheaga have also been really lucky to have met their new buddies in Rang a 2. We spent some time finding out about their family and their favourite things to do- they even read to us too! Rang a 2 will be looking out for us when we are on yard and reading to us every now and again- we can’t wait! Have a fantastic Christmas break!!

We have been having a great time since Halloween in Naíonáin Bheaga. Just before the Halloween Mid-term break, we dressed up as witches and wizards and created lots of potions! We used some skeleton skulls, spiders, spiders web and even conkers. We have been working really hard on our fine motor skills to get our hands and fingers ready for lots of writing in a few weeks time- we have been using letters and lacing and even pom poms and tweezers- it was great fun! While the weather was good, we also explored our bug hotel in the garden and took a look at the huge pumpkins which have been growing over the last few months.

We are really excited for our show. Pictures will be posted shortly of our fantastic costumes and performances!

Potion Station

Bug Hotel

Fine Motor Skills


Naíonáin Bheaga have been very busy for the past couple of weeks. We started AISTEAR and were working very hard as teachers, students, principals and secretaries. We also decided to build a new school- building some tall towers and very big classrooms for all of the children in Summercove. It was great fun. We also learned about lots of different leaves, and made these leaves using play-dough. We created some bushy tailed squirrels also- they love eating their acorns!

We also used the IPADS to revise our letter sounds which we have been learning in class. The children have learned S,A,T,I,P,N,C,K,E,H,R,M and D so far, and were very busy using the Letter Sounds and Hairy Letters apps.

The weather has also been great so we have been getting lots of use of the field. We have been busy practising our throwing and catching and also played some fun games like Duck Duck Goose. We are really looking forward to Halloween- we will post pictures of our costumes soon :)







Junior Infants have settled in extremely well since starting in Summercove. We have been very busy making new friends, learning how to line up and have listened to lots of stories too. This week we practised our cutting skills and were busy playing with food and building with our lego. We were very excited to start Irish dancing and had a great time with our teacher Eileen.

September 2

September 4