Staff cannot allow pupils on the school premises before school commences. Classrooms will be locked during breaks to improve supervision by reducing the area to be covered. Access to toilets will be made available. On wet days, children will be supervised in the classrooms.

Children who are ill should not be sent to school.

Parents are asked that teachers be made aware of any physical disability or allergies which their child might have.

Please check your child’s hair regularly for outbreaks of head lice. If there is an outbreak of head lice in a class, all parents of pupils in that class are informed by note and asked to take immediate action to treat infestation. See ÔBust a Bug’ leaflet enclosed with this booklet.

Requests to remain indoors at break times should only be made in exceptional circumstances (limbs in plaster, recovering from/awaiting surgery). These requests must be made in writing to the class teacher.

All parents are asked to observe safe driving at all times in relation to dropping/collecting of children. In the interest of safety to all children, parents are asked not to use the entrance to Fortlands (opp. School) for turning/parking. Parents are also requested not to park on both sides of the road which leads into Fortview. It is advisable to park on side nearest to the school grounds only.

We would highly recommend that you teach your child all about road safety and in particular – how to cross a road safely. A pedestrian crossing has been put in place outside of the school gate and it would be appreciated if you would refrain from parking your vehicle on same. Parents must convey children across the road.

The school bus bay must be kept free of vehicles at all times during school hours. This is to ensure that pupils can enter and leave the school bus safely.

Mobile Phones
Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. Should a pupil do so then the class teacher shall confiscate it and will only be returned when a parent collects it. This is in the interest of safety to all our pupils. Should a pupil need to phone home they may use the school phone with the permission of the class teacher.

Accident Procedure
In the event of an accident/child becoming ill, every possible effort will be made to contact the pupil’s parents or the persons delegated to take responsibility for the pupil.