Naíonáin Bheaga created an Autumn Garden using conkers, leaves and stones they gathered from their gardens at home.

On Thursday, 19th September, Rang a hAon children spent a lovely afternoon on the Scilly Walk. We loved the autumn sunshine and we were on a quest for sycamore, beech and oak trees. We collected helicopter seeds from the sycamore and beech nuts as we walked. As well as deciduous trees, we spotted the evergreen scots pine. It was an afternoon full of exploration and adventure.

Incredible Edibles

The children explored food origin and learned how to recognise seasonal produce. We discussed the importance of using local suppliers and we learned about the difference between processed and unprocessed foods. Rang a hAon grew the 7 ‘incredible edible’ vegetables and herbs from seed at school. We tended and watered our crops. We learned about the journey milk takes from glass to grass and we investigated eggs and learned how to identify and name the different parts of the egg (including very fancy grown-up words like membrane and chalazae!). We used the eggs to make pancakes. The children continued their learning at home by growing and gardening and making healthy snacks. We submitted a logbook and each child got a certificate!



Rang a Sé were privileged to be invited to Kinsale College of Further Education to see their poly tunnel and learn about all the fruit, vegetables and herbs growing there. We thoroughly enjoyed our guided tour.