DPSM Plaque of STEM Excellence 2017/2018

Our school was awarded with the Discover Primary Science and Maths Certificate of STEM in the school year 2016/2017. Following on from this, we are working hard to achieve the Discover Primary Science Plaque of STEM Excellence. Please click on each of the steps below to explore the investigations and work being carried out by all classes in each of the STEM areas.

 Log of Evidence 2017/2018

 Step 1 – Science

Living Things:

  • Rang a Cúig investigated the process of transpiration in plants by using three samples of celery. We placed one in water with food colouring, one in warm water and sugar and one in just water as a ‘control’. We made our predictions and left the celery samples for a couple of hours to see if there would be any changes. After a couple of hours, the celery placed in the water with food colouring started to change colour and the celery placed in warm water and sugar tasted sweet thus proving transpiration! one






Energy and Forces

  • Rang a Cúig constructed two paper helicopters (one large, one small) and tested them to explore air resistance and gravity.  We learned that gravity is a force and carried out various tests to show how objects fall depending on the size of the blades, the shape, if a weight is applied etc.
  • Rang a Cúig enjoyed making model hovercrafts using a Cd, a sports-bottle top and balloon. We used the hovercrafts to investigate air force and friction. We also had fun racing our hovercrafts against each other!


Environmental Awareness and Care

 Step 2 – Technology

 Step 3 – Engineering

During Engineer’s Week we learned about the various types of engineers and the work they do. Rang a Cúig took on the role of engineers as they carried out the ‘Amazing Triangles’ investigation! Our engineering challenge was to use cocktail sticks and marshmallows to construct 3-d shapes and then construct a structure that was strong and stable. We discovered that using a pillar within the cube shapes and creating a triangle worked best for our constructions.

 Step 4 – Maths

The Lifetime Lab visited our school during Maths Week, October 2017. We really enjoyed taking part in all of the hands-on activities and games such as Cups and Saucers, Make the red cross, Tracy Island, Cubes, Bricks, Shapes, Number Balance, Domino Blocks, Make a star and 3D Connect 4.

 Step 5 – STEM Showcase