2021/2022 School Year:

To celebrate Engineering Week, the children in Rang a 5 were given STEM kits in pairs. They were challenged to follow a step-by-step guide in order to construct robots. Each pair used their problem-solving skills and designing minds to create a unique robot, each with a difference function. The children were self-directed and worked cooperatively and were given small screwdrivers and batteries to complete their robots, which they demonstrated and described to their classmates. It was a rainy morning so well spent!


5th Class Clay-Making – Inspired by our class novel, ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar, Rang a 5 made some deadly yellow-spotted lizards!




News and work from Rang a 5:

2020/21 School Year:

March 2021

Rang a Cúig embraced the challenges and fun of Engineers Week from home this year. Our first task was to construct a boat that would float on water. We tested them in our sinks at home. Our challenge was to see how many coins the boat could carry without sinking. We had a splashing time!

We also created marble runs which were great fun, releasing our inner engineers!




What an enjoyable and busy few months in rang a cuig! Having spent an extended period of time at home, Rang a cuig have settled back into school very smoothly and adapted brilliantly to the new routines in place. During September and October we enjoyed GAA coaching with Gavin Webb. As well as this we took part in maths week, Rang a cuig created their own maths jokes, played maths games and participated in a maths trail around the school.  Rang a cuig also made a wonderful effort for Oíche Samhna by dressing up in terrifying costumes and enjoyed scary bingo with a few treats.


This year as part of science week we focused on the theme of light and heat. We learned about light, reflection and refraction. We also compiled projects on many famous Scientists and learned about the history of Irish women in science. Rang a cuig have been really enthusiastic towards all art projects they encountered, they completed Picasso paintings, step by step drawings, silhouettes and their favourite, the paper mache volcanoes.


This November, we have started rugby coaching and really enjoying it so far. We also decided to start a book club which takes place every Friday where they discuss what they have read during the week. Rang a cuig are also participating in stations every Friday which include different STEM activities,  a variety of maths tables games, learning to type and engaging in creative writing.


2019/20 School Year

World Book Day

Science in a Box underway in Rang a Cúig
Rang a Cúig began the STEAM Education programme, ‘Science in a Box’ on Friday February 7th. Many thanks to Emer and TJ from Lilly who will be delivering 10 science based hands-on lessons to the pupils.
Our first lesson involved exploring the characteristics of living things, learning about bacteria and testing for bacteria around us using swabs and agar plates. We look forward to many more fun and interesting lessons ahead!


Cailíní ó Rang a 4 agus 5 were busy practicing their camogie skills at St. Multose Hall which started on Monday, 6th January after the Christmas holidays. A fantastic start to 2020!

Rang a 4 agus 5 really enjoyed their Christmas nature walk on the Scilly this afternoon. Children really enjoyed the winter sunshine and enjoyed collecting some nature items that we have added to our nature wall!


Rang a 5 pupils enjoyed taking part in the “Discovering Density” experiment during Science Week 2019. Children learned that liquids are made up of tiny particles. Páistí were interested to note that the density of a liquid depends on how tightly packed together these particles are. We learned that different liquids have different liquid densities and that water has a density of 997kg/m3!!!! Wow! Rang a 5 also learned that some liquids have a higher density than water and these liquids will sink below the water, leaving the water to float above. Other liquids have a lower density than water. These liquids will float above the water! Children really enjoyed this density experiment!

Rang a 5 were busy scientists making lots of chemical reactions this week! All of our 33 pupils worked in pairs in the school garden. Rang a Cúig recorded their hypothesis and results and learned that by mixing the acid (vinegar) and the alkali (bicarbonate of soda), bubbles of carbon dioxide (CO2) were released, like in a pyroclastic flow! Lá an-dheas ar fad!

Various Photos from Term 2

Rang a 5 Blitz

Rang a 5 Project – ‘Our Role Models’


School Year 2018/19

Our trip to Haulbowline Naval Base was a really enjoyable and informative day.

School Year 2018/19

World Book Day March 7th 2019 & Naíonáin Mhóra Buddies
We really look forward to celebrating World Book Day every year in S.N. Chóbh and this year was no exception. Well done to everyone for making a great effort to dress up and for sharing their favourite books with each other.
Rang a Cúig have been showing great leadership and responsibility through our buddy-system with Naíonáin Mhóra. They have been helping them with their phonics, tricky words and reading. During Engineering Week, we really enjoyed working with them to create parachutes. Naíonáin Mhóra had great fun testing them out! Maith sibh!

Engineering Week 2019 – Rang a Cúig visit to Johnson & Johnson
Rang a Cúig enjoyed a trip to Johnson & Johnson at the start of Engineering Week 2019. This trip was a follow up to their participation in the Robotics programme in Rang a Ceathair. Many thanks to Michael Phelan for facilitating this exciting educational visit which included a tour of parts of the site, explanations and demonstrations of the robots used there, interactive virtual reality games and robotics activities, a guided tour of the 3D printing department and a visit to an onsite wind turbine!! Míle buíochas also to Annette Keane and L.S.C. for kindly covering the cost of the bus for the trip on the day.

Rang a Cúig Indoor Hurling and Camogie
A huge well done to the buachaillí and caillíní of Rang a Cúig who took part in recent Indoor Hurling and Camogie blitzes in Sáile. Comghairdeas to the caillíní who were overall winners of their blitz after a thrilling final against Dunderrow! Maith sibh!

First Term 2018 – Rang a Cúig
At the beginning of our first term Rang a Cúig were delighted to welcome Ms. Walsh, who guided us through the eight-week long ‘Friends for Life’ programme. The aim of this programme is to help pupils build resilience and to equip them with appropriate coping strategies in order to deal with worry and change in their lives.
We have been involved in many sporting activities with pupils taking part in training sessions for Sciath na Scol matches, table tennis, GAA coaching with the TY students in Kinsale Community School and weekly rugby training with Finbarr.
During the term, Rang a Cúig researched and presented fantastic projects on their role models, enjoyed an autumn nature walk with Senior Infants and a visit to Kinsale Library.
Pupils have worked hard learning about fractions, 2-d shapes and long division along with measuring angles in Maths. In History we studied the Great Famine and we learned about the life of Leonardo da Vinci. We have carried out a variety of Science experiments including investigating air resistance, looking at transpiration in action and making model hovercrafts. In English, pupils recently enjoyed reading the adventure novel The Explorer. Our school musical, Cinderella Here We Go Again was most definitely the highlight of this term!
With everyone really looking forward to the festive season, we are busy preparing for Christmas through Music, Art and our Christmas confession service.
Nollaig Shona daoibh ó Rang a Cúig!

 School Year 2017/18:

Engineering in a Box
Rang a Cúig were delighted to receive their well-deserved certificates for their participation in the Engineering in a Box programme on Thursday June 14th. This programme ran for a total of 10 weeks with pupils participating in many fun and interesting lessons including decoding Morse Code messages, designing model cars, making a prosthetic hand, creating a water filter and much more! One of the highlights was the group design project, which the pupils successfully demonstrated and presented to Jean and Deirdre from Lilly on Thursday. Many thanks to Jean and Deirdre for delivering such engaging lessons and giving the pupils great feedback on their group projects.

Trip to Irish Naval Base
On Friday June 15th, Rang a Cúig enjoyed a trip to the Irish Naval Base in Haulbowline. Not only did we get a fabulous tour of the base but we also got the opportunity to go on a boat trip!

Engineering in a Box 2018 – The Engineering in a Box programme is well underway in Rang a Cúig. Under the guidance of Jean from Lilly, we have been busy working as engineers ourselves from problem-solving to designing and making! So far we have constructed tall paper towers, bridges and even a sweet factory! This programme will run for a total of 10 weeks.

Science Week 2017

Rang a Cúig carried out a variety of experiments during Science Week 2017. We investigated gravity and air resistance by testing out the paper helicopters that we made. We watched celery turn red to learn about transpiration in plants and we really enjoyed making model hovercrafts to show how they work. Throughout the week we also learned about the Digestive System and we are continuing to keep an eye on our bread samples for our mould-growing experiment!

FullSizeRender IMG_6019 IMG_6032 IMG_6033


Deireadh Fómhair 2017

In October, the Lifetime Lab visited our school as part of Maths Week. Rang a Cúig really enjoyed taking part in all of the fun challenges where they were able to put their problem-solving and reasoning skills to the test! The pupils also paired up with pupils from Rang a Dó to play a variety of Maths-based games.

IMG_5971 IMG_5981 IMG_5985

IMG_5964 IMG_5969 IMG_5971 IMG_5981 IMG_5985


Meán Fómhair 2017 – Rang a Cúig

During September, Rang a Cúig were very busy researching and presenting projects on their Role Models. We discussed the many characteristics of positive role models and pupils highlighted these throughout their projects in relation to their chosen person.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender


End of 2016/17  School Year


There has been plenty of activity both in and out of the classroom to keep us on our toes this term. Great news came to us as firstly, a budding writer Grace was awarded a voucher for her entry in the Avonmore Writing Competition and secondly we received our STEM Certificate together with Rang a trí. We have been taking a closer look at history through our novel “Behind the Walls”, investigating the country of Mexico and completing capacity and area challenges. Typing has become a favourite activity in the classroom and as a result the words per minute had to be increased weekly! On May 8 – 12th our annual Active Week had everyone dancing, walking a mile with a smile and taking part in station/blitz activities throughout the sun glistening week. Rang a cúig could not “Stop the Feeling” as they were energetic leaders during the obstacle course and dance sessions for the junior end of the school. There were plenty local and away hurling and camogie competitions to keep us practising our skills. The children took part in mindfulness and wellbeing activities and got the opportunity to make cheese and icecream in Science. With the start of June came the city sports and our anticipated school tour to Cuskinny Adventure Centre. On offer were team building games, outdoor cooking, smuggler’s cave and the highlight a muddy obstacle course. To conclude this busy term before our school year draws to a close there are few items left on the agenda. A trip to Desmond Castle as part of local History Curriculum, a visit to the Navy Base in Haulbowline and our School Fun Day on Friday 16th in the Rugby pitch! Bainaigí taitneamh as na laethanta saoire!

20170510_090318 20170608_142913

Term 2

There was a great turn out for our class walk from the long Quay to school this morning.We are completing our travel tracker as part of the Travel Green Schools Flag.


20170216_083838 20170216_084716


Term 1

The Autumn term of 2016 was filled with a hive of activity both in and out of the classroom. There wasn’t much time to settle before the Sciath na Scol 2016 campaign started. This proved to be a nail-biting competition for both boys and girls yet they won local competitions along the way! For Space Week the class investigated life in the Space station but also the size and distance between the planets in the solar system. Maths Week 2016 was kick started with a visit from the Lifetime lab team who introduced us to numerous maths activities that got everyone thinking. Hallowe’en was celebrated with fancy dress and traditional games. This term we have been fortunate to have had wonderful speakers. Aoife Collins who came to talk and discuss her visit to a Syrian refugee camp, Caroline from Irish Water Safety who guided us to approach water safely and Karen and Susan from The Rainbow Club who gave us a greater understanding of a child with Autism. There have been great achievements to celebrate this term. In table tennis many boys and girls received medals in local competitions and Seán Hynes represented our class in the county library quiz held in County Hall. We attended a coaching course given by TY students in the Community school and everyone had an enjoyable afternoon developing their skills in hurling and football. As this first term comes to a close, we are busily preparing for our Carol Service and looking forward to a wonderful Christmas. Nollaig Shóna daoibh go léir!

During Maths Week a maths workshop was enjoyed by all senior classes.The workshop was a hands on approach to maths topics and proved to be a great success in all classes.

20161014_102553 20161014_102601 20161014_102647 20161014_102903


Celebrating Halloween in rang a cúig with dress up and traditional games.

20161028_112148 20161028_141912


An investigative approach to life on Mars during Science Week. A nature walk down Scilly with junior infants.

20161007_113422 20161007_113626 20161005_141220 20161005_141248




End of School Year 2015/16

Term 3

Our class participated in mindful moments, a poster competition and activities as part of Mental Health Awareness Week(25th– 29th).



On May the 10th we were treated to a boat trip around Cobh harbour for taking part in the Port of Cork competition.


In April the Commemoration of Easter Week 1916 was marked in our class by dressing up as a child, woman or man and narrating their life in a fact-file.


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A visit to Haulbowline on the 27th of April provided us with a valuable insight into the lives of navy personnel and the vital job they do to protect our coastal waters. We witnessed first-hand the size of the L.E. Róisín which sailed the following day to the Mediterranean.


20160615-140701_p10_resized (1)20160615-140701_p13_resized20160615-140701_p16_resized (1)20160615-140701_p14_resizedTerm 2

5th class boys who won the indoor hurling blitz today in Kinsale after thrilling matches! Congratulations!!20151116_134450_resized20151116_125736_resized20151116_134514_resized




Term 1 2015/16

Maths Week20151012_143420_resized20151012_143554_resized20151013_120431_resized20151013_120450_resized 20151013_120539_resized 20151013_121913_resized

Summer 2015

As the year comes to a close we will remember fondly term three as it was filled with excursions, visitors and activities that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Our excursions included our school tour to the Glen Resource Centre, visit to Chríost Rí Secondary school, our boat trip around the Port of Cork and local excursions to AIB bank and to Desmond Castle and Museum. Visitors to our school included Ultan O’Callaghan with the Men and Women’s’ RBS Rugby trophies, Seamus Harnedy who came to present the certs to all the senior classes for taking part in the Future Me project an initiative from AIB. WOW day and the Fun day as well as various blitzes in tag rugby, hurling and camogie kept us very active. The centenary of the Lusitania sinking on the 7th of May 1915 was marked by a minute silence to remember those that lost their lives. Many of the children attended and secured medals and trophies at various events to include Cork city sports, Mini Munsters in Limerick and the All Ireland Table Tennis Competition in Dublin. Maith sibh go léir!

On Wednesday the 6th of May four fifth class pupils-Shane O’Callaghan, Donagh Griffin, Nick MacLeod and Ben O’Connor represented S.N.Chóbh Chionn tSáile and Munster in the All Ireland Table Tennis Competition in the National Basketball Arena, Dublin.The boys were comfortable winners over Ulster but were narrowly defeated by Leinster and Connaught after several tight sets!The boys showed great team spirit and determination throughout the competition.Maith sibh buachaillí!

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Easter 2015

January saw the preparations begin for the “Lion King junior” show. There was collaboration with the junior infants for the song “Circle of Life”. The dramatic scene of the buffaloes in “The Stampede” was a great way to get everyone moving. The classroom was a hive of activity as costumes, large animals and props were made while listening and singing along to the soundtrack! The preparations and rehearsals proved fruitful as the show was a roaring success during the three night production at the beginning of March. We were very proud of our classmates who took on character roles with ease and confidence.

In February members of rang a cúig were well represented in quiz teams at under 11 and 13 levels. After ten rounds in the under 11 and twelve rounds in the under 13 age groups the top teams had to complete several tie-breakers to determine the winner in each group.  The tension and excitement in the room was palpable. In the end the under 13 team took second place and the under 11 team took first place in their section. There was great participation and success in rang a cúig during Scór na bpáistí in events solo singing, group musicians and figure dancing. Many members of rang a cúig were in full voice as they were involved in Let’s Sing Choir which was held in City Hall. Presently rang a cúig are working on a project for the Port of Cork competition, commemorating the centenary of the sinking of the Lusitania. Groups are forming models, compiling information and unravelling the mysteries surrounding this liner’s sinking.

Term 1 2014 – Christmas Update

During September both boys and girls prepared, through training and friendly games with other schools for Sciath na Scol 2014.With October came Maths Week and National Tree day. We organised and prepared fun maths games and activities for all classes throughout this week and we went on a scavenger hunt to investigate the trees and fauna of the Scilly Walk.

In November to celebrate Science Week we were treated to a visit to Kinsale Community School where various science demonstrations took place. This was mirrored in our own classroom as budding scientists demonstrated various experiments. There was a hive of activity as our class took part in the annual MS Readathon and the Specsavers short story competition.

Both rang a cúig and sé attended a coaching course given by TY students in the Community school and everyone had an enjoyable morning.  We really enjoyed preparing for our Christmas Carol Concert, and we look forward to Doodle4Google and the Lion King Musical in 2015.

A selection of photographs taken during our visit to the Port of Cork – May 2014.

photo (12)photo (13)photo (14)photo (15)











Easter 2014 Update:

This term rang a cúig have been very active both in and out of the classroom. Each Monday, there has been hurling in St. Multose Hall under the guidance of Michaél O’Connor and Anthony Sheehan. After the February mid-term, rang a cúig were introduced to table tennis. Under the instruction of Alan Hurley and Jim Barry, the class mastered the serve, the backhand and the forehand.

There was great participation and success in rang a cúig during Scór na bpáistí in events of recitation, ballad singing, solo singing, solo and group musicians  and figure dancing.

Rang a cúig have been operating a buddy reading system with Senior Infants once a week. During World Book day everyone dressed up as their favourite book characters and a reading session took place in the shed.

There were many projects to get involved in this term- The Great Famine, The Revolutions of America, France and Ireland but also the Port of Cork whereby the children researched the history and workings of the Port of Cork. This year’s theme is ‘Shipping Containers – Cork’s Connection to World Markets’ which focuses on the importance of trade between Cork and the World and the important use of shipping containers for importing and exporting cargo. The class project will go on display in Cobh Railway Station and rang a cúig will be treated to a boat trip around Cork harbour, compliments of the Port of Cork and also receive a certificate of participation.

 There has been great excitement in school this term and we have had many visitors such as Sr. Geraldine, The Mayor of Cork and the Six Nations Cup won by the Irish Rugby Team.

Our school is working towards an Active Flag this year. Active Week is this week and rang a cúig will be very busy taking part in all the activities planned so don’t forget to join us on Wednesday for the walk or after eleven in the Rugby pitch for our fun day!

During September Rang a 5 prepared, through training and friendly games with other  schools for Sciath na Scol 2013. October saw us organise and prepare maths games  and activities for younger classes during Maths Week. For National Tree day, we  went on a scavenger hunt to investigate the trees and fauna of the Scilly Walk.

During November Rang a 5 & 6 visited Kinsale Community School as part of Science    Week. Here the classes were given a demonstration of the magic of Science and what  Kinsale Community School has to offer prospective students. The Sciath na Scol final was  held  in Páirc Uí Chaoimh. Two busloads of Summercove Supporters made their way to  the venue and were entertained and rewarded. Our class took part in the annual John West  Writing competition and this year’s theme was “A wild Adventure”. We are now busy  preparing for the Carol Service, our Christmas play “Babouska”, swimming in the Carlton  and have attended a coaching course given by TY students in the Community school.