2021/2022 School Year:

Second Class having fun in the sun during a recent trip to the RNLI Station.

A visit to the RNLI Station in Kinsale 14/06/2022

Rang a Dó learned about the role of the RNLI, the special gear for rescue missions, water safety at the beach and near the water edge, how to float and to phone 112 if we see anyone in difficulty in or near water.

We enjoyed some time in the playground and a picnic in the park on our way back to school.

Stormy Stan and his assistant Gail (RNLI) made a surprise visit to Summercove yesterday to remind children to stay safe in the water over the summer. They discussed lifeguard flags, rip currents and the dangers associated with floaties!

Stormy is pictured here with Rang a Dó who took part in a Spellathon to raise funds for the RNLI MayDay Appeal.

Maith sibh!


Rang a Dó completed a new BLAST Arts in Education Residency Programme with Julie Kelleher. They explored marine life with specific colour on shape and colour using pastels, collage and fleece/felt drawings using a matting process. The project was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Water Pollution:



2020/21 School Year – Mrs Brunicardi:

March 2021

Rang a Dó certainly has some budding engineers in our midst. We really enjoyed Engineers Week at school this year. We loved the Bridge Building Adventure at Explorium online, investigating the fascinating shapes that engineers use to build amazing structures. Check out our own creations that were inspired by the show.

As a gesture of goodwill for the festive season Rang a 2 organised a collection for Cork Simon Community. Their motto for spreading positivity this term was inspired by Spike Milligan’s poem – ‘Smiling is Infectious…’. Their aim was to put a smile on some people who are experiencing difficulty in their lives at this time. They made beautiful cards and donated some lovely goodies and other supplies. 😊

National Bike Week 2020

Rang a Dó brought their bikes to school for National Bike Week. During a workshop with our teacher learned about bike safety, some skills and some exciting new biking games too. Our favourite bike games were Duck Duck Goose and Gladiators.

November 2020

In Rang a 2, As part of our Religious Education, we tuned into a lovely Mass at 10am in the Carmelite Friary with Fr. Eoin.  We are putting huge effort into learning our prayers in preparation for our First Holy Communion. In November we remembered the Holy Souls in a special way. We’ve been busy gathering and recording information for our projects on Saints which we presented to the class.

Halloween means scary costumes in S.N. Chóbh and Rang a Dó certainly didn’t disappoint!


2019/20 School Year

World Book Day

Rang a 2 camogie blitz

The Sleepy Shepherd


Maths Week Games Rang a 2


Wiggly Worms Paper Weaving







2018/19 School Year – Ms. Healy

Our Spring Walk

Showing off our Chinese New Year Art Work

Trip to the Everyman Theatre to see ‘Revolting Rhymes’

Story Telling on World Book Day with Brett Dillingham


This has been a very busy and productive term in Rang a 2. As the countdown to Christmas begins we have been busy preparing for our Christmas show ‘Prickly Hay’. The children have made a huge effort into practising the songs, rehearsing their lines and learning ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ on their tin whistles, and have thoroughly enjoyed putting the show together with their classmates in the junior side of the school.
We have enjoyed preparing for our ‘Do this in Memory’ masses and have been learning all about our First Holy Communion. At the moment we are looking forward to Christmas and are eagerly opening our special Advent calendar each day.
This term has really flown by. We have enjoyed completing many art projects involving painting, printing, drawing and collage to name but a few. We are currently working on beautiful Christmas trees which we are weaving and decorating with a range of fabrics and fibres.
We are also enjoying team teaching in Maths this year. 2nd class take part in maths stations every week where they play maths games and small group activities. We have learned about 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry, pattern, money, created block graphs on our favourite subjects and enjoyed solving word problems with partners.
Everyone really enjoyed reading our first class novel this year, (Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’) as part of Literacy Lift Off. The children completed so much work in oral language development (‘word tennis’ proved to be a particular favourite!), improving our listening skills, sequencing stories, learning our sounds, handwriting and reading new books every week. A heartfelt thanks to all parents for their cooperation in our Shared Reading this term, which allowed every child to experience the feeling of real success in reading books from the super selection in our newly expanded class library.
We have also been practising Mindfulness in our classroom each week by using simple breathing exercises and listening to relaxation and meditation stories from ‘Relax Kids’. It helps to create a lovely, calm atmosphere in our classroom.
We look forward to what 2019 will bring and wish everyone a very peaceful and Happy Christmas. Nollaig Shona dhaoibh go léir.


  • School Year 2017/18 

Term 1

We enjoyed baking mince pies today in class. Our room was filled with wonderful aromas of fruit and spices. It was lovely to bake seasonal pies and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Nollaig Shona Duit.



2nd Class baking.

2nd Class baking.




End of 2016/17  School Year

2016/17 School Year 

We have had great fun baking our mince pies for the Christmas season. The pies were  a huge  success and the wonderful aromas of the fruit and spices filled our room. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas – Nollaig Shona Dhuit!


What a busy and exciting term this has been for 2nd class! The highlight for many was the First Holy Communion Day. After all the practicing and hard work the day finally arrived on the 13th of May. It was a lovely occasion. All the children looked wonderful in their Communion outfits. The singing was beautiful in the church and everyone enjoyed the party in the school afterwards. The children in 2nd class also enjoyed lots of sporting outings this year. We had a great day at the GAA blitz this year with lots of success! We also took part in a hockey blitz in Sáile which was very enjoyable. We also took part in lots of art and writing competitions this year. It was great to have a winner in the Green Schools Water Poster Competition. David McCarthy won a lovely prize for his interpretation of clean water. He even got to go to Dublin to attend the prize giving ceremony where he collected his new tablet! Maith thú David! We took advantage of the good weather at the start of June and headed off on a summer walk. We spotted lots of different flora and fauna on our way and stopped to take in the spectacular views of the Scilly Walk. We ended our day by having a lovely picnic back at the school. With regards to our school work, we finished our novel The Butterfly Lion. We used this as a basis for lots of art work, writing activities and even did a project on South Africa. The children really enjoyed presenting their projects to the different classes. We also had lots of fun helping out in the school garden. We planted our own pumpkin seeds and watched them grow in the classroom. We have planted some in the school garden also with the help of Sarah. We hope to harvest them in time for Halloween! We continued with our baking and made some lovely queen cakes which we devoured in seconds! As you can see we have had a very busy and enjoyable year in rang á 2. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all again in September. Bain taitneamh as an samhradh!

IMG_0375 IMG_0524


Term 1

It has been a very busy term in Rang á 2. We have all been working very hard since September. We have enjoyed preparing for our ‘Do this in Memory’ masses and learning lots about our upcoming Communion. We enjoyed creating our very own ‘Grass Heads’ and even baked some delicious mince pies! The children in Rang á 2 had a very special job also this term. Everybody in 2nd class was paired with a buddy in Junior Infants. 2nd class played with the new junior infants during yard time and made sure they were ok. Everyone really enjoyed taking part in the buddy system! We have also been very busy practising for our Christmas play ‘Born in a Barn’ which we hope you will really enjoy. It has been great fun learning the new songs and getting our costumes ready on time for the big day! Another great day for Rang á 2 was when we visited Fota Wildlife Park. We had the opportunity to visit behind the scenes on a very educational tour of the park. We learned how the food is prepared for the animals and had a look at where the animals are kept when they are not feeling very well. A brilliant day was had by all! Rang á 2 recently took part in the Junior Choir. They performed carols at the County School of Music Christmas Awards in Coláiste Choilm. They should feel very proud of their performance. We hope everyone has a very peaceful and happy Christmas. Nollaig Shona dhaoibh go léir!

Our visit to Fota Wildlife Park!

IMG_0142 IMG_0152

Fota 1 Fota 2 Fota 3 Fota 4


Rang á 2 busy baking mince pies for Christmas!

baking 2 baking 3 baking 4 baking



End of School Year 2015/16


Summer 2015

We have been extremely busy this term. On the 9th of May, we had a very special day in St. John the Baptist Church, where we made our First Holy Communion. We spent a lot of time rehearsing our prayers and songs and really enjoyed our special day. On our school tour, we visited West Cork Secret with 1st class and had a great day filled with activities such as orienteering, an obstacle course and a water slide, which was great fun! Last week, we also were very lucky and fortunate to visit the RNLI Lifeboat station in Kinsale. We learned all about the different boats used by the RNLI, the special clothes they wear for rescues and how they launch the boat. We also each got the chance to sit in one of the boats they use to rescue people- which was very exciting! Rang a Dó have also been extremely active this past term. We were very fortunate to be able to do some hockey training every Thursday with Karen, Alison and Sharon from Kinsale Hockey Club and learn about the different skills and rules of the game. Over the course of the last few months, we have taken part in a tag rugby blitz in Kinsale Rugby Club, a hockey blitz in Sáile and a GAA blitz in Kinsale GAA pitch and have gained great experience working as part of a team in all of the sports. We have had a very busy year in Rang a Dó and look forward to moving onto Rang a trí in September. Have a great summer!

Easter 2015

Second class  have been extremely busy since returning to school after the Christmas holidays. Apart from rehearsing for ‘The Lion King Junior’, we were preparing for our First Confession which was held on the 11th May.  We knew all of our prayers and songs and enjoyed our very special night with our families and friends. Now, we are looking forward to getting ready for our First Holy Communion which will be on the 9th of May. Recently, we planted sunflower seeds in our classroom- a variety of giant and dwarf sunflower. We are watching them carefully and ensuring they are getting enough water and light to help them grow as tall as possible. We also created a lovely painting based on Vincent van Gogh’s piece ‘Sunflowers’. They turned out fantastically.  As the Easter holidays are fast approaching, we have also created some lovely clay coil pots. We cannot wait to fill them with delicious treats and Easter decorations to bring home for the Easter break. Last week, second class along with the other pupils in the school had the exciting chance to experience the Solar Eclipse outside in the school yard. We were careful not to look straight at the sun, but were delighted to get the chance to look through different viewpoints to look at the eclipse. It got very dark and cold but was an exciting experience!

Term 1 2014 – Christmas Update

Second Class have been very busy since returning to school in September. We have been busy each month preparing for our ‘Do This in Memory’ masses for our First Holy Communion.

Last week we drew some lovely pictures using charcoal, and learned all about the different ways to blend and create shadows under drawings of different objects. We also learned all about the Indian festival of Diwali and designed some lovely Rangoli patterns and Mehndi designs. We think they look great. Second class are also becoming quite the dancers- we practise our Zumba dancing using a special website and can now  dance fully to two songs!   

We have been very busy getting our decorations ready for Christmas. We created some lovely Christmas tree decorations using clay and have painted them using very festive colours and ribbon. Over the next few days we will also be creating our very own personalised wrapping paper which we hope will be very useful over the next few weeks.        


Easter 2014 Update:

The children received their First Confession in St. John the Baptist Church on 12th March. The children prepared well for this special Sacrament and we were all very proud of them on the night.

Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge ar siúl i Rang a Dó. Bhí béim ar an nGaeilge i rith na seachtaine.

Bhí na páistí ag canadh agus ag damhsa. Rinnemar na damhsaí ‘The Brush Dance,’ ‘Shoe the Donkey’ agus ‘Heal and Toe’. Bhí na páistí ó Rang a Dó ag múineadh na damhsaí seo do pháistí i Naíonáin Bheaga. Bhí craic agus an-spóirt againn.

The children showed their continuing support and motivation for our Green flags and we went on a ‘Spring Clean’ walk to the neighbouring housing estates. Geared with our litter pickers, our rubber gloves and our high spirits we enjoyed it immensely. Keep our community litter free – Spread the Word!







News and work from Rang a 2:

The Kinsale Hockey Club came to train Rang a 2 during the month of October. At the end of the month we joined all the local schools in a hockey blitz up in Sáile. We are delighted to announce that Summercove N.S. won the blitz bringing back the ‘Jim Good Fair Play’ trophy to the school.

We also had a Healthy Eating month whereby we tried our best to have a healthy lunch box coming to school. At the end of the month we along with Ms. Robert’s 4th class, made delicious and nutritious smoothies for the rest of the school.