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S.N. Chóbh Science Week 2020

Posted by on Nov 12, 2020 in News

Rang a 6 explored series and parallel circuits involving bulbs, buzzers and motors (Energy & Forces). We also studied the body’s digestive system and tuned into a wonderful SFI online tutorial called foodoppi. We learned how important all our senses are when it comes to eating. We also watched tutorials on forensic science and water quality (Living Things). Rang a 5 had great fun and learned lots while investigating reflection and refraction of light (Energy & Forces). Rang a 4 were very busy exploring the amazing work of famous scientists. Rang a 3 investigated transpiration in plants (Living Things), created lava lamps (Materials & Change) and researched famous scientists. Rang a 2 explored the impact of oil spills on our seas and oceans. They also simulated an oil spill with a class experiment, highlighting the importance of keeping our seas unpolluted (Environmental Awareness & Care). Rang a 1 looked explored gravity, slopes and speed. We used marbles and toy cars to create ramps. It was totally chaos but SCIENTIFIC chaos! We also built some marble runs (Energy & Forces). Naí Shín were very busy exploring the properties of household materials like paper, cloth, tissue, wood, foil, plastic and glass. We discovered that some materials absorb water and other repel water. It makes sense now that rain jackets are not made from paper!! (Materials & Change) Naí Shóis investigated the Robin under the strand Living Things. We also explored the human skeleton. Ms. Madden demonstrated a fabulous experiment using skittles to show how sugar dissolves in water (Materials & Change).        ...

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S.N. Chóbh Math’s Week 2020

Posted by on Nov 10, 2020 in News

  During Maths Week, Rang a Sé explored fractions, decimal, percentages and 2D shape using the Izak 9 Cubes. They also played board games to consolidate learning of fractions and money. Rang a Cúig’s Maths Trail focused on parallel and perpendicular lines in and around our school yard. They also measured the width and height of windows and signs.   Rang 4 enjoying Maths Week: Rang a Ceathair investigated shape and Data during Maths Week using the Maths Week Resource Pack. Rang 3:  During the course of their Maths Trail Rang a Trí used their bodies to create letters and shapes.   Rang 2: Rang a Dó’s Maths Trail focused on standard on non-standard units of measurement. They measured the length of our friendship bench, mural and  front yard in centimetres,/metres,  lollipop sticks, footsteps and arm spans!   Rang 1 enjoying Maths Week: Rang a hAon played Bingo during Maths Week. They loved competing with their classmates and showing off how well they knew their tables. Naí Shín:  Naíonáin Shínsearacha completed a Maths Trail focusing on identifying 2-D shapes around the school. This brought them to the outdoor classroom, the garden and the school yard. They were amazed to find so many examples of triangles, circles, squares and rectangles. Naí Shóis Naíonáin Bheaga explored pattern and shape during Maths Week, with all hands on...

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