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We are delighted to be participating in Science Week here in S.N. Chóbh. We will post updates on ‘what’s happening’ in school.

Some of the activities happening here:

Scientist Carmel Wright, visited our school on Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th November to carryout a science workshop with Junior Infants, Senior Infants, Rang a 1 & 2. This visit was sponsored by our Parents’ Association.

Show Me Science workshops were held for Junior Infants to Second Class during Science Week to celebrate the occasion. Show Me Science is a local business run by Kinsale local, and past pupil Carmel Wright. Carmel is a scientist with a passion for teaching science in a simple, fun, and hands on way.

Carmel gave this outline of her visit – This year the topic for the workshops was Newtons Laws of Motion. It began with a quick introduction to the rather grumpy scientist; Sir Issac Newton. His three laws were explored and discussed using a variety of demonstrations, and experiments. Each student participated in

The first law was demonstrated using inertia beads, the magicians tablecloth trick, and a skateboard crash! Our poor crash test dummy penguin went flying forward on the skateboard, which taught us how an object in motion remains in motion, unless acted upon by a force. It was also a great way to demonstrate the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

The second law was explored using a bubble rocket experiment and other simple examples. As we increased the force we applied, we were able to increase its acceleration, and as a bonus, create lots of bubbles!!!

The third law was discussed and explored using Newtons cradle, showing how for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Where time allowed, we also covered another one of Newtons discoveries about light-that it comprises of all the colours of the rainbow. We got to enjoy seeing a world full of rainbows using rainbow glasses!

Finally, the workshop concluded for each class with a coke and mentos explosion so big it had it be held outdoors! It was a scientific blast!

Past Pupil Eoghan Gilleran will give a talk to Rang a 5 and 6 on ‘Space Science’ on Friday, 15th November. Also, Rang a 5 & 6 will visit Lilly on Saturday, 16th November for a science workshop. Thank you to everyone at Lilly.

Rang a 4 will have a visit from parents Dr. Pat Downey and John Walsh. They will also participate in the Lismore Primary Mobile Science Workshops. This visit is also sponsored by the P.A.