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Active School Update

Posted by on Oct 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

              We are active in S.N. Chóbh! Being active is important to us all in school and each year we endeavour to provide fun and inclusive physical activity opportunities for our pupils, staff and school community.  We believe that being active is not only good for you and has many health benefits but it is also enjoyable. Our new Active Committee  members this year are: Dónal Barry, Emma Fitzgerald, Charlie Desmond, Kali Geary, Rory Wilson, Éabha McCarthy, Alex Connolly and Gabby Madden. Since returning to school, we have continued to partake in our daily exercises after our break times. As a whole-school active goal, we are going to choose a sport / activity each month that all classes will participate in at some stage throughout the month! During September and October we have enjoyed many fun and exciting outdoor activities and each of the classes has been participating in their individual P.E. lessons. We chose walking to be one of the activities that each class could engage in and every pupil got the chance to take a stroll along the Scilly walk – a great facility so near to our school. The younger classes each buddied up with another class, donned their high-visibility vests and set off on nature walks together. As part of National Tree Day, some classes also went on a leaf trail to match up various leaves to their trees. Football was also the focus for many of our classes. Rang a 3 to Rang a 6 availed of football lessons from Anthony on Monday’s. Cailíní agus buachaillí ó Rang a 5 agus 6 began their Sciath na Scol football campaigns in early September, each group training hard and demonstrating great team spirit. Comhgairdeas to the buachaillí who progressed to the semi-final stages, maith sibh! Our cailíní also took part in the Sciath na Scol South-East blitz in tough conditions in Carrigaline. Having won the Roinn B competition last year, the girls were promoted to the Roinn A group. It was to be two years in a row for our cailíní, who played fantastically well together and were triumphant on...

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Pumpkin Raffle

Posted by on Oct 26, 2017 in News

We grew our pumpkins from seed and nurtured them to maturity. Today, we raffled the pumpkins- Comhgairdeas to the...

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